Chris Wasey's vlog: My experience with HSCT for MS

This trailer is taken from Chris Wasey’s vlog of his experience with Hematopoietic Stem Cell Treatment (HSCT).

Neurology Academy wanted to help clinicians to see beyond the technical elements of this procedure into the reality of a person with MS and their experiences going through it, both as an individual and as a member of a family.

It can be easy to learn about the medical procedure, to understand the impact on the immune system, to know the stages of chemotherapy, activation treatments, cell harvesting, and so on, without realising the extent of the impact on the human they are happening to.

These short videos highlight that, beyond the treatment itself, clinicians need to consider emotional and psychological support, preparation both for the person with MS and their family, and potential vocational or financial support.

Chris's vlog

“After failing on Lemtrada, I realised that HSCT was going to be a likely treatment pathway for me - so I started researching. As a videographer, I like watching video products to get information, but realised quickly that there wasn’t a lot by way of vlog content.

The only things out there were informative (but quite dry) videos of neurologists - and I couldn’t retain the information very well. In terms of vlogs, it was only really vertical, up-the-nose, phone footage.

So I decided to vlog my journey!

The aim with the vlog was twofold - to give me something to do while in hospital, and to provide a resource for people in the same situation as I was in. My wife tries to make sure I’m medically accurate, and I try to make sure they’re not too boring!”

To view the full vlog, visit Chris's YouTube page.

Impact of pre-treatment treatments

Emotional impact – family

Emotional impact – individual

Impact on work, family, travel and finances

COVID-19 and isolation
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