Dementia Action Week is here

22 May 2019

This week is Dementia Action Week, and Alzheimer’s Society are emphasising the value of a conversation, showcasing some beautiful discussions between children and people with dementia.The essential message, that those living with dementia are ‘still themselves’ is an important one for us to remember as healthcare professionals too. Whilst there may well come a time when a loved one will have to authorise key decisions, there are many discussions about care preferences and the types of services and support wanted that can - and should - be held with the person themselves.One of the tips to a meaningful conversation, shared by someone living with dementia is to

‘Talk to me, smile, be a little patient and give me time to reply.’

Whilst this can feel difficult amidst fleeting consultations and packed clinics, one good conversation is likely to outweigh several appointments where the individual feels unseen, or feels their needs go unmet.This Dementia Action Week, we would like to encourage you to take a quick peek at one of these heartwarming videos from Alzheimer’s Society, and to be inspired to ensure your conversations with your patients are ones that your patients feel fully involved in.________Would you like to better understand your patients’ needs or improve your knowledge in this increasingly complex specialism? Think about one of our Dementia MasterClasses. The next one is in November – and you can read what our delegates said about the last one if you’re unsure it’s for you.Are you aware of our dementia integrated care pathway toolkit? Get free access here, and start optimising your local service today!

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