KarantisCare – new mobile care solution for Dementia & Alzheimer’s

02 Jul 2018

Designed and developed by carers, KarantisCare is a unique stand-alone care application for use on mobile devices. It uses modern technology to improve service, support and transparency, not only for care agencies and carers, but for their clients and geographically dispersed family members.At Karantis the vision is to provide the best possible emotional and cognitive care for clients with ADLD (Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Loneliness or Depression).Designed specifically for care service providers, KarantisCareTM enables carers to spend more time with their clients. The application incorporates innovative features such as client information on rotas, details of client likes and dislikes, family/carer/agency audio & video calling capability and emergency push notifications. It also ensures all of a carers’ actions are correctly and appropriately recorded.Transparency of care is at the heart of the KarantisCare application, to ensure families feel part of the care process and to help ease their concerns and worries. Family members can monitor the health and happiness of their loved one from anywhere in the world; receiving daily updates, photographs and messages from the carer provides them with great comfort and reassurance.KarantisCare:Saves time... no more time-consuming manual, hand-written (and often error-prone) reportingFamiliar and easy-to-use... operates on iOS and Android devices; dramatically reduces carers’ admin timeIncreases transparency... with real-time reporting, constant updates and the ability to share photos and messages with familiesFully-automated and customisable... the bespoke reporting function monitors multiple functions specified by the Care agencyMakes more time for interaction between client and carer... developing better relationships and providing more job satisfactionCQC compliant... keeps your records up-to-date, creates a tracking system for staff management and an audit trail for use in CQC inspectionsBrings carers, families and agency together... gives families direct contact with on-duty care staff; provides 3-way video or audio calls as requiredCould KarantisCare could help you transform your business? You can book a free, no-obligation demonstration today by emailing demo@karantis.com or by visiting Karantis.com

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