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Videos launched to break taboos and open dialogue in dementia

29 Nov 2022

These videos were prepared by F. Hoffman-La Roche Ltd in collaboration with Neurology Academy. They were funded by F. Hoffman-La Roche Ltd.

Neurology Academy has developed a series of videos in collaboration with, and through funding by, F. Hoffman-La Roche Ltd, to shed light on some of the lesser understood or less well known aspects of cognitive decline and dementia. The videos, developed specifically for UK healthcare professionals, have been created within the Roche-owned international education initiative known as 'Alzheimer's Taxi'.

This project, involving partnerships across the globe, aims to highlight the importance of diversity and inclusion in helping to tackle the challenges of Alzheimer's disease, dementia and cognitive decline on an international platform.

These videos address a wide range of topics which challenge taboos like sexual health, and incontinence, shed light on less understood aspects of management such as anticholinergic use and effective nursing, and open dialogue around the importance of cultural competency, promoting brain health, and addressing barriers to health seeking.

The videos, all around 6 minutes in length, cover the following topics and are accessible to healthcare professionals via the links here:

We hope that, through sharing knowledge and enthusiasm and by providing practical ideas to address need or improve practice, understanding around, and support for those affected by dementia will improve on an international scale.

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