commissioning-support-logoPerhaps one of the less visible services we provide as part of the MasterClass programme is service redesign and integrated care pathway development.

All the clinicians who undertake our MasterClass programme will in some way participate in an appraisal of their own service when they undertake their intermodule project. After the course our team can support your provider trust or work with local clinical commissioning groups to ensure services are redesigned to improve patient outcomes and service efficiency.

These services are termed ‘Commissioning Support’ and are defined by NHS England (2012) as follows:

Fig 1Health Needs Assessment
Developing a Joint Strategic Needs Assessment building on collected data to forecast future need and clarify gaps in service provision.

Business Intelligence
Information and data analysis to provide insight into local services.

Support for redesign
Undertaking service audit and review redesigning pathways for service improvement using both clinicians and patients.

Communication and Patient and Public Engagement
Communicating with all stakeholders developing briefings, building campaigns and consultation.

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