The Neurological Alliance is seeking responses to its third patient experience survey from people receiving treatment for neurological conditions in England. The survey aims to collect vital information about the experiences of treatment and care, social care and welfare received by people affected by neurological conditions.

Please share this with your patients and professional networks to encourage as many people as possible to complete this. The survey is open for responses from 17 October 2018 to 17 January 2019.

The feedback received will help The Neurological Alliance advocate for change, to improve future services and provision. The more survey responses received, covering the breadth of neurological conditions and including patients from all areas of England, the more powerful the message that can be delivered, and the better leverage the Alliance will have to push for change.

The results of the previous two Neurological Alliance surveys (2014 and 2016) have been used extensively in their work, contributing to achievements such as:

  • Establishing the National Neuro Advisory Group (NNAG)
  • Getting NNAG to focus on care planning and communication with patients
  • Developing a programme of work on mental health and neurology


More information at the Neurological Alliance website:

Complete the survey



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