The NHS has announced its plans to fund exciting new technology to treat excruciating headache as part of the Long Term Plan.

The handheld device, which uses low-level electrical currents to disrupt pain signals is an innovative treatment for cluster headaches, a particularly painful form of headache affecting around 66,000 people in the UK.

Those experiencing cluster headaches, described as sudden and sharply painful sensations of piercing or burning on one side of the head predominantly around the eye or temple, will be given the NHS-funded device to apply to their neck where the electrical currents will stimulate the vagus nerve and alter the pain signals. People affected by cluster headaches will be able to use the gadget every time an ‘attack’ occurs, which ‘generally last between 15 minutes and three hours, and typically occur between one and eight times a day’ the NHS notes.

The NHS LTP sets out clear goals for the immediate future and is committed to introducing proven, affordable innovation as quickly as possible. The 15 Academic Health Science Networks across England are responsible for accelerating the uptake of health innovation and will be ensuring a swift rollout of this welcome technology.

To find out more about neurology’s place in the Long Term Plan, read this article or visit our newspages.


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