The Palliative Care MasterClass’s new hybrid learning model expands its educational offering

15 December, 2020 | Posted in:

The changes in education and the time pressures felt amongst healthcare practitioners as a result of COVID-19 have led to unexpected benefits within Palliative Care Academy.  The Palliative Care MasterClass is a broad course seeking to upskill palliative care practitioners in neurology, and neurological practitioners in palliative care, and until now, getting the balance of […]

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Palliative care during the COVID-19 pandemic

30 April, 2020 | Posted in: ,

Advance care planning, discussions about palliative care and end of life wishes are as essential in the midst of a health pandemic as at any other time. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, there may be less time available to have these vital discussions, the conversations may be taking place remotely or in time-compressed circumstances, and […]

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Our latest Palliative Care MasterClass

28 February, 2020 | Posted in:

Our Palliative Care MasterClass has a unique attendance to our other MasterClasses being both cross-condition and cross-specialism, and tends to have a greater range of professionals in attendance.  Developed in partnership with Dr Ed Richfield, faculty member for both Parkinson’s and Palliative Care Academies, the course examines this complex and emotive area by drilling into […]

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Palliative Care MasterClass – Winter update

18 December, 2019 | Posted in:

By Dr Ed Richfield, Academy Faculty The potential for palliative approaches to benefit people with neurological conditions is increasingly recognised. The Movement Disorder Society (MDS) now has a palliative care task force specifically examining this area, and the first trial of integrated palliative care for Parkinson’s Disease (PD) reported provisional results at the conference in […]

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Our Palliative Care MasterClass – as evaluated by you

26 March, 2019 | Posted in:

Our Palliative Care MasterClass is one of our newest courses to date. Developed in response to delegate requests following Dr Ed Richfield’s course content on palliative care within the Parkinson’s MasterClass, the course goes into more depth and detail on the various aspects of palliative care in neurology from diagnosis to end of life. Examining […]

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Why we need to rethink palliative care for neurology

5 December, 2018 | Posted in:

Palliative care has long been associated in our minds with end of life, and often gets popped alongside it as an all-encompassing title of care. But, for many people, palliative care is most definitely not only required at the end of someone’s life. In the past few years, healthcare has been rethinking palliative care and […]

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