Migraine preceptorship

24 Nov - 25 Nov 2020 14:00 - 17:15

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This event will be filmed and live streamed. You will be able to ask your questions during the Q&A live sessions. The live stream will start at 14:00 GMT on both days. All sessions will be recorded and available for on-demand viewing.

Who this meeting is for

This course is a preceptorship course for Lundbeck employees from the UK, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Estonia.


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[one_fourth][/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]Carl Bradley, Headache SpN, The Walton Centre[expand title="Biographical details" tag="h4"]I am a headache nurse specialist at the Walton Centre. I support four headache consultants in all aspects of headache medicine. I run two follow up clinics, two Botox clinic’s, a nerve block clinic and a telephone clinic weekly . I am familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of all headache disorders with a particular interest in injection therapies and teaching.I have a BSc (in Nursing), two MSc’s (Health and Social care) ( Healthcare Management Practice) and I am nearing the completion of a third in Advanced clinical nursing practice. I am also a non-medical prescriber.[/expand][/three_fourth_last][one_fourth][/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]Dr Giles Elrington, Neurologist, private practice Essex & London[expand title="Biographical details" tag="h4"]Giles Elrington has been a consultant neurologist since 1993. He qualified from Barts in 1980; postgraduate training included posts at the Radcliffe Infirmary Oxford, the National Hospital Queen Square. From 1993 he has had honorary and part time substantive posts at Barts Health NHS Trust and its predecessors. His MD thesis was on the Lambert Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome during which time he obtained a postgraduate diploma in immunology. As a consultant he preferred to focus on common disorders so established a special interest in headache and migraine, and set up a rehabilitation unit in Colchester where he was consultant 1993-2001. That unit was shortlisted by the MS Society in their first Measuring Success awards. In the late 1990s he worked closely with the MS Society developing “Getting to Grips with MS” courses for the newly diagnosed and their families. He accompanied the MS Society at their protest in Whitehall about the NHS non-availability of DMTs He began the DMT clinic at the London Hospital as part of the Risk Sharing Scheme which was later handed on to proper academic MSologists. His patient database of all clinical contacts since 1994 contains over 27000 cases including over 1000 with MS.Current weekly work is one half day in the clinical trials unit at Barts Health (sole NHS PA) including also regular contributions to the MS Preceptorship; two days (four clinics) as NHS agency locum in York, and two days (four clinics) private practice including medicolegal work. This includes a growing number of MS cases particularly personal injury and possible relevance to worsening of MS; negligence cases of delayed diagnosis of MS and possible adverse prognosis from delay in starting DMTs; and a recent GMC case concerning the possibility that cognitive change or sensory misinterpretation might explain allegations of malpractice made by a person with MS.[/expand][/three_fourth_last][one_fourth][/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]Andrew Jackson, Head of Country UK[expand title="Biographical details" tag="h4"]Andrew leads all activities for Lundbeck in the UK, a pharmaceutical company whose focus is solely on the therapy areas associated with the brain and whose mission is to make every day a better day for people living with brain diseases.After graduating from the University of Nottingham, Andrew entered the pharmaceutical industry and for nearly 20 years has focussed predominately in the areas of Psychiatry and Neurology in a variety of commercial and leadership roles, helping to ensure patients get access to medicines they need.[/expand][/three_fourth_last][one_fourth][/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]Gemma Jolly, Information and Support Services Manager, Migraine Trust[expand title="Biographical details" tag="h4"]Gemma Jolly is the Information and Support Services Manager at The Migraine Trust. She is responsible for a range of services providing information and support to people affected by migraine. Services run by The Migraine Trust include a helpline providing information and support on all aspects of migraine, Managing Your Migraine events – putting people affected by migraine in touch with specialists and others with migraine; and awareness activities to workplaces, healthcare professionals and other interested parties.Gemma started with The Migraine Trust in January 2020 after spending 10 years working in dementia care, focusing on providing evidence-based, useful information to people affected by dementia. Throughout her career Gemma has had a keen interest in supporting self-management and empowering people through good quality information and support.Outside of work Gemma spends her time practicing calligraphy, running and getting lost in the Sussex countryside.[/expand][/three_fourth_last][one_fourth][/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]Joela Mathews, Highly Specialist Pharmacist – Neurosciences Lead, Barts Health NHS Trust[expand title="Biographical details" tag="h4"]Joela Mathews is the Lead Neuroscience Pharmacist for Barts Health NHS Trust where she has worked for over 15 years. In recent years she has led a growing team of neuroscience pharmacists to provide medicine optimisation services to the inpatients and also the growing number of day case and out patients seen by the trust. She works with the MS team on the safe provision of DMTs to MS patients to ensure that a high-value high-quality service is provided.In addition Joela holds positions in the trust on the medicines safety team, and is part of the new clinical senate at the trust which promotes good practice across the trust. Joela is an active member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and recently gained Faculty status. She is also the education lead for the neuroscience group of the UK Clinical Pharmacist Association and she is actively working on creating a syllabus for budding specialist neuroscience pharmacists around the country. In her spare time, Joela is also studying on a part-time MSc in Clinical Neuroscience, and also a part-time MSc on healthcare leadership with the NHS leadership academy.[/expand][/three_fourth_last][one_fourth][/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]Sarah Mehta, Expert Patient[expand title="Biographical details" tag="h4"]Sarah is a medical writer with previous roles at the MS Society and Sense About Science communicating evidence-based medicine and research to the public. She joined Neurological Commissioning Support (NCS) in 2012, assisting Sue Thomas with projects designed to help NHS commissioners deliver more effective, joined-up care for patients with long-term conditions. Since then she has had roles supporting Neurology Academy and writing for the British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing. Now based in Johannesburg, she works for Wilmington Healthcare and other organisations in the UK to develop integrated care pathways, disease impact reports and professional education tools. Her work focuses on combining healthcare data with insights from patients, healthcare professionals and commissioners to understand how patient journeys can be streamlined and improved while also delivering service efficiencies.[/expand][/three_fourth_last][one_fourth][/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]Sue Thomas, CEO, Commissioning Excellence[expand title="Biographical details" tag="h4"]Sue Thomas, who is a co-founder and speaker at the Academy, has a clinical background in nursing and the main part of her post registration career was in primary care. Since 1991 she worked nationally as policy and practice adviser for the Royal College of Nursing moving from there into the role of CEO setting up an innovative commissioning support organisation for the voluntary sector Neurological Commissioning Support. She led this organisation to NHS England niche commissioning provider status in 2014. Sue’s involvement in Parkinson’s includes being nurse member of the national PDNS steering group set up to oversee the appointment of PDNSs and has been personally instrumental is the commissioning of over 200 nurse posts. Sue was also a member of the Non-motor symptom scale development group led by Prof Ray Chaudhuri and a founder faculty member of the Parkinson’s MasterClass programme. Over the years she has been adviser to numerous Department of Health work streams and an expert adviser for NICE Guidelines and Health Technology appraisals. Sue is a Florence Nightingale Scholar and Winston Churchill Fellow and has written over 160 publications and 12 book chapters. She is a faculty member of the 2015 International Movement Disorders Conference which was in San Diego in June where she will also present a paper on interdisciplinary care in Parkinson’s. She is currently CEO of NHiS Commissioning Excellence.[/expand][/three_fourth_last]

This activity has been funded by Lundbeck. Whilst Lundbeck has selected key topics for discussion, content has been ultimately determined by Neurology Academy.