PD Nurses MasterClass

01 Jan - 31 Aug 2021

Who is this course for?

This series of 12 virtual sessions looks at specific topics across medicines and non-motor symptoms. It is aimed at relatively newly qualified Parkinson's Nurse Specialists and should be considered pre-course training.

The medicine sessions include:
  1. Levodopa

  2. Dopamine agonists

  3. Adjuvant treatments, i.e. Amantadine, COMT, MAOB inhibitors and Trihexiphenidyl

  4. Non-oral therapies - Apomorphine

  5. Non-oral therapies - Duodopa

  6. Safe remote prescribing during COVID-19 pandemic

The series has been developed by Louise Ebenezer, PDNS in South Wales, and Jane Price, PDNS and chair of the PDNS Association.