Parkinson's non-oral therapy pathway

The Parkinson's non-oral therapy pathway was originally launched in 2016, in order to clarify the complex access to non-oral treatments for Parkinson's disease such as apomorphine, duodopa and deep brain stimulation.

Now, an update to the pathway includes a new overview schematic which highlights the Parkinson's prodrome, alongside an assessment flow to help optimise access to the right non-oral therapy for each patient. A non-oral treatment pathway for optimising saliva management, or sialorrhea is also a new feature of the pathway.

Parkinson's non-oral therapy pathway

Download now (PD-non-oral-pathway-Final-version-09.11.21.pdf)

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Over the coming weeks, we will provide a brief overview of the new elements of the pathway and of the updates that have been made to previous pathways.

The Parkinson’s disease non-oral treatment pathway has been supported through a financial grant from AbbVie Ltd and financially supported by Britannia Pharmaceuticals Ltd and Merz Therapeutics UK. Whilst the sponsors have reviewed the content of the pathway for medical and factual accuracy, they have had no further input in the educational content of this activity.