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COVID-19 and Parkinson’s: Delivering an optimal Parkinson’s service throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond


Please note that all session and slide content are the views of the Speakers, not the Parkinson’s Academy. The content of the recording is the speaker’s personal opinion at the time of recording. Due to the everchanging situation, advice given at the time of recording is subject to change.

From the Parkinson’s Academy series of webinars to update clinical teams on what advice to give patients with Parkinson’s and where management strategies should be focussing.

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This webinar has received sponsorship from AbbVie Ltd. The first session in the webinar is designed and delivered by the Parkinson’s Academy and sponsored by AbbVie Ltd; the sponsor has had no input into the educational content or organisation of the session. The second session is a satellite symposium that is designed and delivered by AbbVie Ltd.