Biogen develops new Alzheimer's medical educational website

22 Jun 2021

A brand new set of educational materials has been launched to support UK healthcare professionals in the optimal diagnosis and management of people living with Alzheimer's disease.

Biogen Idec, using their BiogenLinc platform, have gathered a selection of videos and presentations from eminent specialists in the field, including Dr Ross Dunne, Prof Philip Scheltens, Prof Lutz Frӧlich, Prof Clive Ballard, and Dr Jill Rasmussen, amongst others.

The content is predominantly aimed at neurologists, geriatricians and old-age psychiatrists, although has relevance for any healthcare professional involved in detection, diagnosis or management of Alzheimer's disease in the UK. The site's information is helpfully segmented into themes, including:

  • Alzheimer's disease and early diagnosis

  • Clinical assessment

  • Neuroimaging

  • Fluid biomarkers

  • Case studies

  • International conferences & Biogen AD symposia

The following video gives a brief walkthrough of the website, which has been funded and developed by Biogen, and is a helpful introduction to the content available.'

The website also contains CPD-accredited educational lectures and downloadable resources as part of the ADvance Medical Educational Programme. The ADvance Medical Educational Programme aims to raise awareness of the important of diagnosing AD earlier in the disease continuum and to expand scientific knowledge among Healthcare Professionals who play a role in the patient’s diagnostic and care journey.

The webspace also contains links to the Brain Health Clinic Consortium section, a community of UK healthcare professionals who have experience or interest in developing Brain Health Clinics.

To find out more, or access the content, please visit BiogenLinc.

Biogen-119165; Date of prep: June 2021

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