Virtual & on demand courses

07 November 2022 Course
Spasticity Basics

This course is for registered & practising HCP's and is perfect for non-specialists looking to gain an understanding of non-specialist management of spasticity and referral pathways into specialist services. Our virtual series covers everything you need to know to support patients experiencing spasticity.

Designed to provide a strong grounding in Parkinson's diagnosis, treatment and management, these courses draw on a mixture of frontline experience, the latest evidence bases and cutting edge research. Designed and delivered by eminent Parkinson's specialists across health disciplines, they are ideal courses for consultants, specialist nurses, therapists, pharmacists and other allied healthcare professionals keen to improve their practice and their patient's experiences.

The Parkinson's Advanced MasterClass is specifically designed to further the knowledge and skillset of those who already have an understanding of Parkinson's diagnosis, treatment and management. The practical, in-depth and case-based learning will move participants from 'knowledgeable' to 'expert'.

This short, virtual course is ideal for any healthcare professional looking to develop a good overall understanding of epilepsy, from detection and diagnosis, through to treatment and management, practical service planning, and an awareness of the day to day impact of the condition on those who live with it.

Our first educational package addressing the in-depth management of Parkinson's on a daily basis, this fully virtual course is a practical how-to guide for anyone looking to understand or improve how they support people with Parkinson's to live well.