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Our healthcare professionals play a vital role in supporting the physical, mental and emotional health of our nation and with the rising incidence of a range of long term conditions, this is increasingly needed. But who is supporting their health?

It has always been incredibly important to encourage and support health and wellness in our healthcare professionals, and now 'the NHS is experiencing some of the most severe pressures in its 70-year history' (BMA), it has never been more vital.

Evidence suggests that lifestyle changes to improve sleep quality, social connections, increase movement or improve nutrition can reduce likelihood of, and support recovery from, burnout, whilst promoting health and wellness more generally - and we want to help provide that evidence and practical ways to act on it, in a clear, succinct way.

Course overview

This is a short, free online course introducing core wellness principles, to support wellness in healthcare professionals to promote health, reduce burnout, and equip them with principles of wellness to share with family, patients, carers and colleagues in turn.

Three six-minute videos from a variety of expert speakers will provide instant top-level information and advice across 8 thematic modules - an introduction to health and wellness, the six pillars of wellness, and a men's and women's health module. Then it's over to you with clear, evidence-based onward signposting to trusted sites, information and spaces, for onward learning as and when you choose it.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for anyone working in healthcare who wants to focus on their own health and wellness, whether to prevent, manage or recover from burnout, to invest in their future health, or to gain a better understanding of how lifestyle changes can impact our overall wellness.

'In the aftermath of the COVID pandemic there has been a plethora of courses/information regarding wellbeing. However there has not been anything specific to supporting ourselves as health professionals which can be transferable to our patients and their carers.

Health has always been important to me however as I’ve aged and been involved with Parkinson’s for the past 20 years, it is now an essential part of my life.

Exercising and a nutritious diet has helped me cope with the stresses of work, especially during the menopause. I have become stronger and feel I have the ability to manage more effectively on a daily basis. Wellness underpins how we live our lives and can transform us.'

Louise Ebenezer, Clinical nurse specialist for Parkinson’s disease, Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board

Programme - last updated 08/06/2023

Programme subject to change

Cost of the course

The course is completely free and available for 12 months from access.

How to access

Register for this course now by completing the registration form on the website! Once your application has been processed you will be contacted by our events team with further details.

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