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Neurology Academy's innovative education is developed to help every healthcare professional to excel. Whether you are a consultant or nurse, therapist or allied health professional, our case-based learning, developed by a multidisciplinary group of practising specialists, is ready to increase your knowledge, improve your confidence, and inspire you to effect change.
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The collegiate atmosphere found through our MasterClasses has meant that our Academies have been likened to professional families. Peer support and mentorship create networks of healthcare practitioners who share a passion for their specialism, a heart for their patients and a vision for optimal service delivery.

'The things you can't get from the books'

A phrase coined by Academic Director of Parkinson's Academy and co-founder of Neurology Academy Peter Fletcher, this epitomises what makes us different to other educational providers. Our mix of practical, peer-to-peer learning takes delegates from evidence-based information to transformational action that cannot be found in a textbook.

Transferable model of learning

Whilst each courses' content is entirely unique and shaped by that specialism, the course format and learning style used create an entirely transferable model which can be replicated for any disease area.

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Education by specialists for specialists

Developed by four healthcare professionals who believed educating their peers would change the lives of people with a neurological condition, our courses are still developed and delivered by leading professionals in neurology. Each Academy is led by a Faculty of practicing specialists and every course reflects the latest evidence-base across research and clinical practice.

With a shared passion for delivering optimal services and support to those affected by a neurological condition, every delegate is inspired and equipped to affect change in their local service.

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