Resources Neurology Network Managers

H2 planning meeting at the Walton Centre

At May 2021's Neurology Network Managers Meeting (NNMM), a very practical need was identified: training and support in business planning, and specifically, in developing business cases. Feeling competent and confident in writing business cases can mean the difference between struggling in an existing service and feeling frustrated about it, and acting on changes that are needed to deliver an improved service in the future.

NHS Reset and Reform: A new direction for health and care in multiple sclerosis

'NHS Reset and Reform: A new direction for health and care in multiple sclerosis' is a brand new report assessing the current challenges facing multiple sclerosis (MS) services and presenting a roadmap to recovery. The difficulties in MS services resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, compound those already apparent - overstretched, underfunded, inequitable services. This report brings together the expert views of multiple stakeholders across the MS community to present a series of possible solutions to the current challenges.

The GIRFT neurology report unpacked

The Association of British Neurologists hosted a webinar recently to unpack the detail of the Getting it Right First Time (GIRFT) Neurology report, published in September 2021.

Rapid Access Multiple Sclerosis Unit (RAMSU)

MasterClass project by Dr Neil Archibald, Consultant Neurologist

Modelled on the successful Parkinson’s Advanced Symptoms Unit, the Rapid Access Multiple Sclerosis Unit (RAMSU) will provide a rapid-access, community-based multidisciplinary team targeted at those patients with greatest risk of admission - newly diagnosed patients, those with active disease and those with spasticity or incontinence. The focus will be on delivering timely interventions to ensure a reduction in hospital admissions and, wherever possible, facilitate early discharge from hospital.