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Neurology Network Managers: H2 planning meeting at the Walton Centre

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At May 2021's Neurology Network Managers Meeting (NNMM), a very practical need was identified: training and support in business planning, and specifically, in developing business cases.

Feeling competent and confident in writing business cases can mean the difference between struggling in an existing service and feeling frustrated about it, and acting on changes that are needed to deliver an improved service in the future.

Here is our first in a series of resources responding to that need. Come and be a fly on the wall at a genuine H2 planning meeting at the Walton Centre in Liverpool. You can listen and learn from this well-established meeting what is discussed and why, and how it makes a difference to services on the ground.

Julie Riley, Deputy Director of Strategy at the Walton Centre and faculty for the NNMM, introduces the video to explain why and how it can help, and to highlight some of the support and mentorship that will be offered over the course of the year.

Introduction by Julie Riley

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For more information, sign up to our webinar on 'Business planning for headache services', find out about the Neurology Network Managers Meeting where business planning was identified as a gap, or hear from two specialist nurses who have transformed their local services through successful data analysis and business cases.

Meet with strategic and operational colleagues in neurology

Join us for the Neurology Manager Network Meeting which will enable senior managers and directors in neurology services to update their knowledge on current neurology service delivery.