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Business planning for headache services

03 Feb 2022 14:00 - 16:00

This interactive meeting is designed for neurology service managers and commissioners

Neurology Network Managers are hosting an interactive business planning meeting for headache services on Thursday 3 February. Spaces are limited so please register early.

This will be a highly interactive Zoom meeting with limited spaces. You'll be expected to turn on your camera and get involved in the discussions.

Meeting objectives

  • To support managers and service commissioners to understand why they need to focus on improving access to management of headache and migraine

  • Provide practical information and support for business planning

At the end of the meeting participants will

  • Understand why they should review services for people presenting with headache and migraine

  • Understand how their own area is performing and how can data help with business planning

  • Understand how to effectively engage with business managers and commissioners involved in the provision of headache services

  • Understand how to align with the priorities, objectives and language used by business managers & local commissioners

  • Have practical advice on how to present a “case for change” to non-clinical stakeholders to drive service optimisation and change in your service

  • Have examples of how an injection service has been established


Download now (Business-planning-for-headache-services-NNMM-3-February-2022_2022-01-21-154010_nbtq.pdf)
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