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By bringing different passions to the Academy, they ensure we maintain a high quality of content and information across a diverse field of knowledge.

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Building an effective neurology team

Developed in recognition of the essential role that neuro-pharmacists can play in a neurology team, this Academy exists for pharmacy professionals who want to develop expertise in neurological conditions. The courses and resources aim to enhance pharmacist's clinical skills and build their confidence in managing neurological conditions. Covering multiple sclerosis (MS), spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), epilepsy, Parkinson's and headache, this Academy covers a broad range of clinical knowledge.

Designed by clinicians, for clinicians

Healthcare professionals have come together from across different backgrounds, localities, experiences and service models to develop our courses. They make up our valued Faculty, and are constantly shaping and updating the content and style of delivery to maximise its relevance and practicality. This Academy has also developed an International MasterClass, currently taking place in the Middle East.

Inspiring leadership

Co-developed by two neuro-pharmacists, this Academy is a clear example of the power of clinical leadership. The role of the pharmacist has evolved as the complexity of neurology medicines and treatments has changed, and neuropharmacy is a specialism in its own right. This Academy seeks to equip pharmacists with the confidence and skills they need to be an effective core member of a neurology team.

'The things you can't get from books'

Our mix of practical, peer-to-peer learning takes delegates from evidence-based information to transformational action that cannot be found in a textbook. The much valued peer-based discussion within the course continues through the pharmacist network we have developed, which works closely with the UKCPA neurosciences branch

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There aren't any upcoming events right now, but there's always something to learn! You can view our back catalogue of webinars and videos, visit our news pages, or learn from colleagues around the country via our projects and resources sections.


Developed in recognition of the essential role that neuro-pharmacists can play in a good neurology team, this Academy exists for pharmacy professionals who want to develop expertise in neurological conditions.

The MasterClasses will give you the opportunity to hear from experts in the clinical area, find out practical ways to manage patients, their drugs, and how to optimise the treatment of neurological conditions. In addition, as a MasterClass graduate, you will join the network where we encourage participants to share best practice to continue the learning. We also encourage participants to undertake a project to evaluate their own professional practice or service evaluation which will be shared on the website, and presented at future MasterClasses.

The only educational course dedicated to pharmacists specialising in neurosciences, delivered by colleagues from a range of professions. This MasterClass has highlighted the role we play in the patient pathway and in supporting our MDT colleagues.

Joela Mathews

As part of the Neuropharmacy MasterClass experience, we offer you the chance to have a peer discussion (case based discussion) with a member of the Neurology Academy faculty. This can be used as part of your revalidation with the GPhC, faculty submission for the RPS or just to allow you to reflect on your practice with another specialist pharmacist. If you are interested in undertaking this optional activity please let us know, and we will arrange for this to take place during the MasterClass, or at a later date if you would prefer (by phone, webinar or face-to-face if logistics allow).

The benefits of a peer discussion, are to allow you to reflect on your practice as a specialist practitioner, rather than to test your knowledge. The discussion is a supportive conversation which will enable experiences to be shared. For the discussion, to be most productive, it is useful to bring a situation, problem or case to be discussed. This could include a challenging patient, service development problem or leadership/management situation.

What will it cost?

The course is fully funded which includes all meeting materials, meals, a travel allowance and one night of accommodation at the meeting venue on the night during module 1 and module 2. Accommodation costs for the night prior are covered for delegates who live more than 2 1/2 hours travel away. Your travel grant will be discussed once your application has been approved and is for UK delegates only.

MasterClass feedback

‘This has been a fantastic course – I am so grateful at having the opportunity to attend and see how other centres do things.’
‘The course has totally exceeded my expectations.’
‘It was good to see how other manage the infection risks with DMTs. I will take some of this back with me to review our guidelines.’

Our work is made possible because of the wider support we receive, and we are incredibly grateful. Thanks to that support, we are transforming healthcare and changing the lives of people living with neurological conditions.

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Neuropharmacy Academy
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15 Dec 2021 Posted in News

The Neuropharmacy Academy 2021

So 2021 started with such excitement and buzz, the vaccine for COVID-19, our salvation had arrived. And as I sit here at the end of the year, we are all encouraging everyone to take booster doses. In terms of the neuropharmacy academy we were lucky to see the second cohort graduate from the virtual / hybrid master classes and were lucky to hold webinars in between the master classes which covered a wide range of topics.

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Academy and faculty leaders

We are led and supported by experts with a variety of backgrounds across a range of disciplines. By bringing different passions to the Academy, they ensure we maintain a high quality of content and information across a diverse field of knowledge.
Rachel Dorsey-Campbell
Senior lead pharmacist
Joela Mathews
Lead neuroscience pharmacist
Shelley Jones
Clinical Pharmacy Teamleader for Neurosciences
Dr Neil Archibald
Consultant Neurologist
Daisy Cam
MS Specialist Nurse
Dr David Paling
Consultant neurologist
Dr Richard Davenport
Consultant neurologist
Dr Giles Elrington
Consultant Neurologist
Viv Horton
Advanced Clinical Pharmacist Neurosciences
Natasha Hoyle
Clinical Pharmacist for Neurosciences
Dr Shona Scott
Consultant Neurologist
Prof Peter Jenner
Emeritus Professor of Pharmacology
Dr Jitka Vanderpol
Consultant Neurologist



All two-module MasterClasses include an intermodule project. This is a workplace project that attendees complete as a key part of the course.

Attendees have free reign over this project. It might be service delivery, patient management or drug treatments, and it could take the form of a service description, an audit, or another form of research. It should meet a local need.

When complete, the project closes with a presentation to the other course members, faculty, and often their managers, commissioners or other people of influence in their area. The group chooses a winner and runner up who receive an award at an evening event, and all projects are shared in our resources section.

The Identification of Inpatient Prescribing Errors on a Neurosurgical Ward of a Large Teaching Hospital
By Katherine Triffitt, Pharmacist, South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Evaluating whether different neurology drug supply routes from secondary care affect primary care records
By Aimee Jones, Directorate Pharmacist for Neurology, Aneurin Bevan Health Board
The 7 days stroke pharmacy service and centralisation of hyper acute stroke service in Coventry and Warwickshire
By Ting Ting Wong, Specialist Pharmacist in NeuroScience, University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust
Evaluation of the Extended Pharmacy Service for Neurosciences Wards at KCH on Saturdays
By Grant O'Neil, Specialist Pharmacist, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Sita Shah Neurosciences Pharmacist, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Anushka Dewan, Band 7 Rotational Pharmacist – Neurosciences, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust