Daisy Cam

Lead MS specialist nurse
Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Daisy moved into the post of a MS Specialist Nurse in Sheffield in 2001 after working as a District Nurse team leader.

Daisy has witnessed the huge changes in the treatment and management of MS over the last 22 years and how the MS Nursing service has had to grow and adapt to these developments.

She is proud to be the lead nurse in a progressive team of 8 specialist nurses, all of whom have bought different and unique skills to the role. The Sheffield MS nursing team see all MS patients from a new diagnosis through to end-of-life care.

They have a caseload of over 4000 patients and Sheffield is one of the largest regional prescribing centres. They manage over 3000 patients who are currently on a DMT. The nursing team covers a radius of 600 square miles including densely populated towns and very rural areas.

Over recent years the Sheffield MS nursing team have diversified to meet the demands of the NHS whilst offering patients a triple award-winning innovative service.

Some of these innovations have included the first UK joint Urology Consultant/MS Nursing clinic, a MS Nurse Acupuncture clinic, a MS Nurse spasticity clinic, a Healthy Living Clinic and a unique joint MS Nurse/Consultant Neurologist/ Consultant Obstetrician/specialist midwife pre-conception clinic and pregnancy clinic.

In addition to these specialised clinics, they run weekly MS nurse relapse clinics as well as hospital, GP practice and District General Hospital clinics across the whole of South Yorkshire.

Daisy is very interested in MS and women's health and has spoken at both national and international conferences about MS and pregnancy as well as the impact of the menopause in MS.

Daisy was recently a committee member for the rewriting the NICE adult guidelines for Multiple Sclerosis and currently part of the committee for the educational organisation of one of the MS nursing conferences.

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