The Neuropharmacy Academy 2021


Joela Mathews

Lead neuroscience pharmacist, Barts Health NHS Trust

Rachel Dorsey-Campbell

Senior lead pharmacist, Neurosciences, imperial college healthcare NHS trust

So 2021 started with such excitement and buzz, the vaccine for COVID-19, our salvation had arrived. And as I sit here at the end of the year, we are all encouraging everyone to take booster doses. In terms of the Neuropharmacy Academy we were lucky to see the second cohort graduate from the virtual / hybrid MasterClass and were lucky to hold webinars in between the modules which covered a wide range of topics.

In November 2021, Rachel and I were honoured to chair the virtual presentations of the Neuropharmacist projects which highlighted the marvellous work that pharmacists continue to do and contribute to their neuroscience teams across the NHS. As medication continues to be the main treatment for most long term neurological conditions, pharmacists are becoming more embedded into the neuroscience teams and continue to show their value. So we sincerely hope that you have a festive season that includes some rest and a chance to look after yourself, even if it is just sitting on a sofa (or going on a run).

Developing neuropharmacists, supporting collaborative care

Knowledgeable pharmacists can initiate or support new treatment pathways, play an important role in patient education, medicine adherence, efficacy and safety, and provide advice to other healthcare professionals involved in the person's care. This Academy recognises the value of this essential role, and seeks to enhance pharmacist's clinical skills and build their confidence in managing a range of neurological conditions.