The GIRFT neurology report unpacked

04 Feb 2022

The Association of British Neurologists hosted a webinar recently to unpack the detail of the Getting it Right First Time (GIRFT) Neurology report, published in September 2021.

Featuring Dr Geraint Fuller, author of the report and GIRFT Neurology lead, with Dr Catherine Mummery, Consultant Neurologist and Chair of the Association of British Neurologist’ Services Committee, and Georgina Carr, Chef Executive of the Neurological Alliance, the three hone in on the salient points of the report, and share their thoughts on the recommendations made.

You can watch each of their presentations online:

  • Dr Geraint Fuller's presentation here.
  • Dr Catherine Mummery's presentation here.
  • Georgina Carr's presentation here.

The full report is accessible on GIRFT's website, or you can find our short summary online or a fuller description via the Neurological Alliance.

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