Epilepsy Bitesize


This is a fully virtual course including 7 on-demand sessions

Who is this course for?

This short, virtual course is ideal for any healthcare professional looking to develop a good overall understanding of epilepsy, from detection and diagnosis, through to treatment and management, practical service planning, and an awareness of the day to day impact of the condition on those who live with it.

Intended to provide a strong, practical and evidence-based background into epilepsy, it is ideal for any healthcare professional including consultants, registrars, nurses, neurosciences pharmacists, allied health professionals, GPwERs, associate specialists, staff grade physicians, or clinical fellows.

How is the course taught?

Provided in a series of themed sessions, Epilepsy Bitesize is a fully virtual course comprising on-demand sessions by specialists and experts across the epilepsy field, including neurology, pharmacy, management, and lived experience.

The sessions can be accessed in the delegates' own time via our designated online learning portal. The course can be completed in a time frame and style that best suits each learner, whether compressed into a few days of concentrated learning, or spread out across several weeks.

With supporting papers and resources shared online as well, each individual will be equipped to complete the course in the way that both optimises their learning experience and fits with their other commitments.

Upon completion of all sessions you will also receive a certificate to add to your portfolio.

What will the course involve?

Seven virtual on-demand sessions:

  1. What are seizures and epilepsy? – definitions, including provoked/symptomatic seizures, introduction to the terminology
    Dr Richard Davenport, Consultant Neurologist, NHS Lothian

  2. How to diagnose and investigate suspected epilepsy
    Dr Richard Davenport

  3. Treatment options in epilepsy – when, what drug, how long for with examples of case studies. How to choose the right drug for the right person, branded vs generic prescribing, special situations
    Dr Shona Scott, Consultant Neurologist, NHS Lothian

  4. Epilepsy and women
    Dr Shona Scott

  5. Epilepsy – role of pharmacy, future treatment targets and horizon scanning
    Joela Mathews, Lead Neuroscience Pharmacist, Barts Health NHS Trust

  6. COVID-19 – Maintaining core services: headache and epilepsy
    Julie Riley, Divisional Director Neurology, The Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust

  7. Lived experience from The Voice For Epilepsy
    Kasam Parkar, The Voice For Epilepsy

Cost of the course

This is a free course for NHS healthcare professionals practising in the UK. To reserve your space on this course, please complete our registration form. We will manually check your registration and hope to get you access as soon as possible, but please bear with us while we process your account. You will be notified via email once the course has been approved on your profile dashboard.

International applicants

The course will cost £15 (incl. VAT) for international healthcare professionals. Please complete the registration form to apply. Once your place on the course is confirmed we will send you an invoice via email.

Access to course resources

Delegates will be able to access sessions, presentation slides and other resources for 12 months after registration with their website account.

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