This year's winner of MS Research Innovation award

03 Feb 2023

The Barancik Prize has been awarded over the past 10 years to MS researchers who are innovations trailblazers - and this year, the honour has gone to neurologist and researcher Dr Ruth Ann Marrie.

She has been awarded the prize for 'her landmark discoveries that deepen understanding of how and when multiple sclerosis evolves. Her work continues to inform Pathways to MS Cures and is paving the way to more personalized medicine to stop and even prevent MS.' National MS Society, USA

In this video from November 2022 on NeurologyLive, Dr Marrie talks about the research she is involved in around reevaluation of how we classify MS stages and phenotypes to get towards a more personalised way of understanding and treating people with MS.

Find out more about Dr Marrie's work, or the Barancik Prize, online.

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