UK wide survey of laboratory monitoring of disease modifying treatments in Multiple Sclerosis

18 Oct 2021

Context (rationale for the project):

Advances in multiple sclerosis (MS) disease modifying therapy (DMT) have increased laboratory monitoring requirements. Our goal was to survey existing practices and perceptions of risk in laboratory monitoring in the UK and assess whether opportunities to improve patient care and safety exist.

Brief summary (aims, methods):

The aim of the study is to understand the patterns of laboratory monitoring for pre-screening before administration and monitoring post treatment for currently licensed DMT in the UK, frequency of monitoring per drug and duration of treatment. Information on personnel responsible for monitoring blood tests (MSologists, MS nurses, DMT coordinator, Pharmacist or GP). Availability of monitoring platform (data base, spreadsheet, other IT). Use of treatment agreements.

Deidentified patient data will be send to the coordinating centre.

The audit will consist of four components

  1. A survey of each centres monitoring practice (Sheet1)
  2. An audit of at least 100 consecutive patients on any disease modifying treatment and their monitoring (Sheet 2)
  3. An audit of thyroid and platelet function test monitoring in consecutive patients on Alemtuzumab (Sheet 3)
  4. An audit of treatment related monitoring in at least 100 consecutive patients on Natalizumab (Sheet 4)
If your centre would be interested in contributing to this audit please get in touch with for more details:

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