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Overcoming MS

Overcoming MS is a global charity and non-profit that exists to help people live well with MS. The evidence around the importance of lifestyle in MS treatment and management is growing more and more robust. Our evidence-based Overcoming MS Program aligns with recent expert consensus on lifestyle management in MS (Giovannoni 2023) and supports people with MS to take control of their lifestyle.

We offer free online courses via our Live Well Hub, a plethora of resources from recipes to exercise videos, webinars and podcasts, and a dedicated social community to support people with MS and their families to make positive lifestyle choices that can help slow their progression, manage their symptoms, or increase their quality of life.

As the only MS charity dedicated to supporting healthy living in people with MS we are ideally placed to educate and encourage people with MS in optimising their health and their disease trajectory, and can really assist healthcare professionals in their work to support self-management.

Find out more about the evidence base, the Program, and all our work in this area.

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