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Parkinson's Excellence Network

Parkinson's Excellence Network

The Excellence Network is working to transform health and care services for people with Parkinson's across the UK.

Supported, funded and facilitated by Parkinson’s UK, they bring together and support health and social care professionals to better care for people with Parkinson's. They share best practice, resources, education and support improvements to services for people with Parkinson’s and their families.

Better support, better services, better care. Every day. Together, the Excellence Network is transforming Parkinson’s care.

What do they do?

The Excellence Network works directly with health and social care professionals to assess and improve Parkinson’s services across the UK.

They provide education programmes, for all levels of staff from all professional backgrounds, to improve care for people with Parkinson’s. These courses are developed alongside health and social care professionals.

They run the UK Parkinson’s Audit which is the recognised quality improvement tool for Parkinson’s services. It gives all services that see patients about their Parkinson's the opportunity to be involved in a recognised continuous improvement cycle. It also allows these services to be part of a larger Parkinson's community committed to service quality.

In response to the Audit findings, they identify service improvement priorities which form their national priority programmes. These are led by national experts and bring together teams of clinicians and members of the Parkinson’s community across the UK. They're working together to transform Parkinson’s services through better access to Parkinson’s nurses and multidisciplinary care, improved management of bone health, and medication optimisation and management.

They provide the latest updates and create opportunities for health and social care professionals to share best practice, network and collaborate, and receive support from peers.

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Are you a health or social care professional looking for financial support to improve your service or towards your continuous professional development? Explore the funding opportunities.

Share research opportunities with your patients

People with Parkinson’s want to hear more from healthcare professionals about research. As healthcare professionals, you can help amplify research opportunities, and improve access to research information for people who are currently underrepresented in research.

Share Parkinson’s UK’s research leaflet with your patients, find research opportunities near your patients using their Take Part Hub and sign up to Parkinson’s UK’s Research Support Network. If you have any questions please email


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