Academy speaker launches third novel, 'Surviving Him'

04 Dec 2023

Neuropsychiatrist and Neurology Academy speaker Jo Johnson has just released a new book, 'Surviving Him'.

This, her third book, is a coming-of-age, psychological suspense. Informed by Jo's work as a clinical psychologist, the story explores the aftermath of frontal temporal dementia for three generations of one extended family, delving into the psychology of family trauma, grief and loss.

Jo has a wealth of understanding and knowledge which she has brought to courses and webinars in the past for both MS and dementia, particularly those during the coronavirus pandemic supporting healthcare practitioners and people living with neurological conditions with strategies to support their mental and emotional health.

Our managing director Sarah Gillett said:

'I've read both of her previous books and loved them; I'm looking forward to reading this one too - maybe one for the Christmas list!'

Jo's previous books that Sarah mentions, 'Surviving Me' and 'Surviving Her' are both also available online.