Dementia Academy’s Brain Health Clinic blueprint published


The Brain Health blueprint, initially developed by a group of alumni and faculty within Dementia Academy, has been published in the Journal of Neurodegenerative Disorders.

The international journal has peer reviewed and published ‘Blueprint for a Brain Health Clinic to detect and manage early-stage cognitive decline: a consensus exercise’, giving its stamp of approval to the innovative tool for practitioners spanning primary, secondary and tertiary care.

The blueprint tool, available via Dementia Academy’s website, documents a clear, concise model for dementia prevention. In today’s aging population where the numbers of those living with dementia is ever-increasing, preventative population-management is essential.

With over 30% of dementia potentially preventable and dementia being one of the key conditions highlighted in the NHS’s recent prevention agenda, this practical blueprint, based on best available evidence and created through professional consensus, is adaptable to individual health models and settings.

This timely tool supports a shift in healthcare focus to dementia prevention, whilst also setting out an optimal model of care for those who do transition from early cognitive decline to dementia.

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Brain Health Clinic blueprint

Download now (Brain-Health-Clinic-blueprint-consensus-guidance-tool-2020.v3.pdf)
Promoting prevention, supporting management

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