Fampyra liscensed for MS in Wales

Fampyra (fampridine) is an oral tablet which can improve walking speed and energy levels in some people with MS. The drug is helpful for around 1 in 3 people with MS and for those who respond well to it, can see up to a 25% increase in their walking speed.

It was recommended by the All Wales Medicines Strategy Group (AWMSG) in December 2019 as an option for use within NHS Wales for the improvement of walking in adults with MS who have an EDSS between 4 and 7.

It must be supplied through a Wales Patient Access Scheme, an arrangement where a medicine can be offered on an exceptional basis through an agreement with the pharmaceutical company that supplies it.

Once prescribed by a doctor, the manufacturer Biogen Idec provide the medication for the initial 2-4 week trial period at a reduced cost. Following this, the individual will be assessed. If they have responded well to the drug, ongoing prescriptions will be funded through the relevant Health Board.
The MS Trust have a detailed level of information online about the drug, including its side effects, how it works and its licensing history. The charity note that it was not recommended for NHS use in Scotland or England during a 2018 review.

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