Maximising brain health in MS: resources for professionals

26 Jul 2021

In 2015, the report Brain health: time matters in multiple sclerosis shifted the focus of multiple sclerosis treatment goals from reactive to proactive. The ultimate goal for MS care, support and services across all disciplines, should be to preserve existing brain health in people with MS, and maximise long-term brain health through reducing disease activity.

The report, developed by an international multidisciplinary group of experts and highlighting consensus recommendations on diagnosis, therapeutic strategies and improving access to treatment in MS has spurred a global movement.

A community has gathered together to implement the consensus recommendations and influence key policy-makers to deliver lasting change for people with MS - part of which has been the development of a series of resources.

A series of resources, all aimed at different roles and areas of healthcare involved in a person with MS's treatment and management, and designed to support proactive efforts to improve or maintain brain health, accompany the report.

These include:

  • a tool to benchmark clinical standards
  • summary expert consensus guidance
  • a specific nursing resource
  • adapted guidance for GPs and primary care practitioners
  • managing comorbidities in MS

The first two sections of the 'Expert consensus standards for timely MS care'

Each resource has specific and practical suggestions to implement through a therapeutic and well-rounded model of care involving treatment, management and lifestyle change.

From the 'Nursing resource' outlining a therapeutic strategy to maximise brain health with systematic advice on 'what can you do in nursing practice?'.

To join the 'time is brain' movement, access the range of resources or find the report, visit

Professor Gavin Giovannoni chaired the international expert consensus panel to develop the Brain health in MS: Time matters' consensus recommendations

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