Module 7 - Data use for quality improvement in MCI and dementia

19 Mar 2021

Welcome to your final virtual education module of the MCI course, looking at data use as a tool for understanding and a vehicle for change.

In this session Dr Sarah Fox reviews the ideas and suggestions for quality improvement projects that have been made throughout the MCI series to assist with planning your quality improvement project.

Sue Thomas, healthcare consultant, shares her tips and tricks for data use, arming you with the information needed to confidently use data collection or interpretation as a tool in your quality improvement project.

An interview with Dr Laura Cook, who conducted the London Memory Clinic Audit, provides insights into how data audit can be carried out and used to spur service improvement, whilst our second interview with Warren Heppolette shares how qualitative data can be used to effect quality improvement, based on his experiences in Greater Manchester with the organisation Dementia United.

This module marks the end of your learning and the start of your doing!

Next Friday, 26th March, is your deadline to submit your project proposal video. Please email a short audio or video proposal of no longer than 3 minutes to,

More information on how to submit your video can be found here: 'How to' make a short video or audio file on Zoom

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