MS and pregnancy survey for neurologists

As part of her pregnancy work, our speaker Dr Ruth Dobson is keen to establish variation in practice around MS and pregnancy across the UK. To do this, a group of neurologists have developed a questionnaire to evaluate this.

Dear neurologists,

We are interested to know what neurologists are doing with regard to prescribing in MS in and around pregnancy. The DMT arena is increasingly complex, and it is important to establish what is happening across the UK currently.

We have developed a questionnaire that should only take 5-10 minutes to complete. You will not be asked to give your name or any other identifiers at any point. We hope to share the results at the ABN meeting in 2020. We would be hugely grateful for your time.


Many thanks in advance,

Ruth Dobson, David Rog, Owen Pearson, Stella Hughes, Katy Murray, Helen Ford and Peter Brex

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