New roadmap produced to help doctors become medical cannabis prescribers

04 Feb 2020

Last week, the Medical Cannabis Clinicians Society published a ‘roadmap’ for doctors who want to become medical cannabis prescribers to support patients living with chronic health conditions.

The Society’s expert committee has brought together information from the government, the NHS, NICE, Royal Colleges, licensed producers of medical cannabis products and training providers into one place for the first time, giving doctors a clear and rational route to prescribe.

Professor Mike Barnes, neurologist and chair of the MCCS, said:

“With this information, we’re giving clinicians a roadmap to prescribe medical cannabis privately to patients. As a Society, we remain dedicated to contributing to the UK’s evidence base by working with groups including Drug Science, as we continue to press for medical cannabis treatments to be made available to the hundreds of thousands of NHS patients who could benefit from it.”

The steps which form the roadmap are explored in detail in the online tool and include:

  1. Find a supportive community
  2. Familiarise yourself with the guidelines
  3. Get some training and explore the evidence
  4. Learn about cannabis-based medicinal products, their availability and interactions
  5. Find suitable premises
  6. Apply for your ‘Pink Pad’
  7. Familiarise yourself with the specials prescribing system
  8. Start seeing patients
  9. Share your experience with your peers
  10. Commit to your continuous professional development.

The MCCS are holding a roadshow from February this year, bringing medical cannabis education and practical guidance to audiences across the UK. More information can be found on their website.

Find out more about the latest NICE guidance on cannabis-based medicinal products.

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