Raising the Bar for MS 2020 goes fully virtual

Our annual conference to discuss and share all things focussed on raising the bar for MS – for people living with MS and the professionals and services supporting them – will be fully virtual this year.

The five year initiative to improve the experiences of those living with MS, and the professionals supporting them, thus 'raising the bar for MS' across the breadth of the UK, is in year three and a great deal has been accomplished so far. However, the scope of the work, and the environment in which it takes place has shifted significantly in the past months.

The coronavirus pandemic has altered the healthcare system, the needs of those already living with MS, and the neurological needs of those having been affected by COVID-19. Prehabilitation for people with MS and rehabilitation for those affected by COVID-19 create new levels of need impacting already stretched neurological services.

The social settings we find ourselves in dictate new ways of working, new ways of consulting, treating and monitoring people with MS, and require ever more flexibility, resilience, and willingness to change, learn and change again.

This year, our conference will reflect this in every way.

How will it work?

Our focus at MS Academy is on practical, transformative and peer-based education. During the past few months, we have been learning how to deliver this virtually…

The conference will run over three days, with a number of short, keynote speeches to provoke thought and shed new light on areas of interest. The meeting will also have significant time dedicated to virtually held discussion groups, where peers can come together to connect, reflect, dissect and create.

Our aim is that, through these discussions, peppered with keynotes to further inform our learning, we can take much needed time to pause and reflect on the current services and situation we are in - essential if we are to learn and set out a new path together to support people with MS optimally in this new, COVID-affected world.

Using a mix of pre-recorded videos, question and answer sessions to virtual panels, stimulating smaller-scale discussions. Downloadable slides and posters will ensure you can access everything easily, whilst apps that enable question submission, comment-making, and casual interaction through social media will ensure you can directly engage with speakers and attendees alike.

What will it address?

When we made our 5 year plan for Raising the Bar, we identified a need to change the way we work. Over the past few months, the way we work has been hugely altered, and the timeframe for making changes condensed.

'Everything on this earth is in a continuous state of evolving, refining, improving, adapting, enhancing, and changing.'

Dr Steve Mataboli

It is clear that our future services not only need to change to accommodate the increasing range of treatments and monitoring, stretched teams, and the varying level of interest and engagement that each individual has in managing their own condition and care.

We must now provide care and support in new ways: virtually, distanced, or with self-assessment and monitoring tools, balancing the needs of those already in our system with newly diagnosed individuals, and additional people needing rehabilitative neurological support following COVID-19.

We have an opportunity to pause, understand, learn, and shape the coming months and years. We have an opportunity to change our services, the way we access them, our roles and our expectations as users and providers of services.

'Accept the uncontrollables and control the controllables.'

Ross Edgely

How do I register?

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If you have any queries, please contact Arthi Rajkumar at arthirajkumar@neurologyacademy.org to discuss.

This activity has been supported by sponsorship from Roche Products Ltd, Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd, Sanofi Genzyme and Biogen Idec Ltd. The sponsors have had no control over the educational content of this activity.

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