Reviewing our first General neurologist MasterClass

21 Nov 2022

On 10th and 11th November, a group of general neurologists gathered to improve their understanding of multiple sclerosis (MS). Amidst train strikes, tube strikes and general travel challenges, 16 delegates and a host of speakers battled their way to Halifax Hall in Sheffield for our first ever MasterClass for generalists.

Three delegates who, despite all their efforts, could not attend were given impromptu 'emergency' online access thanks to the quick thinking of our technicians on the day, and many of our speakers chose to remain for the full two day course to encourage peer-to-peer informal learning and build relationships.

Sponsored by Novartis* and chaired by Drs Kate Petherham and David Paling, a balanced mixture of consultant neurologists, specialist MS nurses and practitioners, and clinical lecturers guided delegates through a packed programme varying didactic lectures with case-based discussions.

The 19 delegates immersed themselves in MS from diagnosis and differentials through to treatment and symptom management both early on, in relapse, and in progressive disease. There were also sessions on effective multidisciplinary working and acute management as well as understanding white matter lesions and reviewing future possibilities such as new treatments and remyelination.

Evaluations are not yet in, but verbal feedback was incredibly positive, with one delegate noting that this was the first time in perhaps eight years since they had taken the time to focus on MS, and another querying whether similar courses might be developed for other neurological conditions.

*The MasterClass was funded by sponsorship from Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd. The sponsor has had no control over the organisation or educational content of this activity.

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