Supported Self-Management in Multiple Sclerosis- new virtual course!

07 Mar 2023

We are delighted to announce the launch of a brand new virtual course in collaboration with Merck Healthcare UK & ROI. The course is comprised of five educational modules focused on supported self-management in MS.

Demands on the NHS are stretching its workforce to new levels, meaning that capacity of service provision for all disease areas, including MS, in the UK are under pressure. Supported self-management approaches have a role to play in many chronic conditions and are the new direction of travel for the NHS.

The term 'supported self-management' refers to the ways that healthcare services can encourage, support, and empower people to manage their ongoing physical and mental conditions themselves.

At a time when healthcare resources are increasingly stretched, I might only have contact with my MS Team on 1 day each year. The other 364 days, managing my MS comes down to me.

Dr Jonathan White, Overcoming MS Medical Advisor and Speaker for Module 1

This course seeks to explore the concept of supported self-management from the perspective of people with MS, healthcare professionals and health systems. By showcasing best practice within MS and in other disease areas such as IBD where advances in supported self-management have brought the benefits to fruition, this series of educational modules has been designed to help drive service enhancement in line with the NHS long term plan and ultimately improve the quality of life for people with MS.

Practicing Brain Health is critical to living well with MS, and a vital element of supported self-management. Understanding how we, as health care practitioners, can support and educate our patients to attain their best quality of life living with such a complex and unpredictable disease can significantly improve health outcomes for people with MS.

Dr Therese Burke, Clinical Platform Co-ordinator, MS Australia and Speaker for Module 2

This course is aimed at all healthcare professionals and service providers that have an interest in supported self-management within the MS community.

To find out more or to register for this exciting course follow the event link below:

Date of prep: Feb 2023
Job code: UI-NONNI-00415

These webinars have been initiated, organised and funded by Merck in collaboration with MS Academy

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