The Academy

09 Apr 2015

This is an innovative training programme for clinicians, specialised nurses and professions allied to medicine. At present our main focus is on Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis, although an Epilepsy and Dementia Masterclass are in development. These individually tailored courses have successfully run for over a decade and are co-ordinated through an academic faculty.

Each Masterclass to date has recruited a maximum of 25/30 participants to enable intensive training and support for each participant. Graduates form an alumni who receive further updates and links of topics of interest. The educational style of the Academy has been commended by the Department of Health (England) and by Parkinson’s UK for providing unique clinical skills enhancement and service development.

We work with primary and secondary care NHS organisations at all levels, local authorities, charities, and both NHS and independent providers and we are in partnership with Industry to support some elements of course delivery.

Neurology Education Call to Action

Over 75% of our graduates have gone on to provide specialised services of their own. An integral part of the course is an audit conducted in the participant’s own location. Examples can be found in the Academy Newsletter

Our Faculty and speakers are nationally and internationally recognised for their specific expertise providing delegates with training to their specific requirements and education needs.

Our comprehensive pre-course assessment provides a detailed analysis of the delegates training and skills as well as identifying their personal learning objectives for the course, so this can be truly tailor made to identify needs. The Masterclass programme is not a standard course, this is tailored to the educational needs of the group.

Continuing professional development.

All of our course are CPD Accredited buy the Royal College of Physicians RCP (London) and internal and external evaluations have showed consistent high ratings. In 2014/15 our continuing professional development score for 14 courses delivered was at it's highest overall average score of 4.

A headline about what the faculty is doing

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