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Parkinson's Resources: Care pathways

Dementia interactive care pathway toolkit

The dementia interactive care pathway toolkit maps out the care pathway a dementia patient will follow and provides a roadmap for the services and support needed from diagnosis to end-of-life care.

A paradigm for disease management in Parkinson’s

Work originally done under the auspices of the World Health Organization to develop a four stage approach to Parkinson’s Disease, this pathway model has become an educational tool used worldwide for training in Parkinson’s.

Pain pathway

We facilitated the development of an Motor Neurone Disease Pain Pathway with MND nurses and therapists looking at pain from a physical and spiritual perspective.

Carer care pathway in Parkinson’s

We facilitated Parkinson’s nurse specialists and carers to develop a carer care pathway that looks at carer needs across the continuum of care in someone with Parkinson’s. ‘Carer Pathway – Four Stage Paradigm Approach’ was developed in association with Cornwall Carers and the James Parkinson Centre Cornwall.