Dearbhla Dempsey

Senior occupational therapist
Limerick, Ireland

My main professional goal is to support healthcare professionals to increase their confidence whilst they enable their clients to navigate intimacy, sexuality and sex post brain injury.

I graduated with a BSc Occupational Therapy after completing a Higher Certificate in Physiology and Health Science.

I have been selective in progressing my career across several locations to broaden my skillset as an Occupational Therapist however my main passion lies in Neuro-Rehabilitation.

I took the initiative and pioneered changes to our initial assessments to address intimacy, sexuality and sex whilst working with teams in the NHS in England and now in the HSE in Ireland. I supported and encouraged our multidisciplinary teams to address these topics during our clients recovery, to ensure our clients roles and occupations in these areas were acknowledged.

I have been involved with the inception of a new research trial, run by Coventry University and funded by NIHR, and look forward to becoming more involved as it progresses.

Previously I have delivered seminars for University College London Hospital and Coventry University, and most recently spoke at the Scottish Stroke Forum.

I also teach both of the Occupational Therapy Assistant Theory and Practical courses in the Midwest of Ireland.