Dr Camille Carroll

Associate Professor & Consultant Neurologist
University of Plymouth Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry

Dr Carroll is associate professor and consultant neurologist at University of Plymouth Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry. She leads Parkinson’s clinical research and the Parkinson’s disease service in Plymouth, and is a member of the Peninsula Parkinson’s Excellence Network executive team. Her current focus is on clinical trials of neuroprotective interventions in Parkinson’s disease, currently being the chief investigator of a multicentre clinical trial of simvastatin as a potential neuroprotective therapy in PD (PD-STAT). She also has an interest in the use of technology (wearable sensors and apps) for early disease detection, personalising therapy and monitoring disease progression.

She has overseen the development of a PD DNA bank (2700 samples) and a regional PD clinical research register. She has been PD Speciality Lead, South West Peninsula CRN since April 2014, previously being joint PD Research Director for SW DeNDRoN (2010-2014). She was appointed CRN National Specialty Lead for Neurodegenerative Disease in 2017.