Ed Bayley

Consultant spinal surgeon
The Centre for Spinal Studies and Surgery, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Mr Edward Bayley is a Fellowship trained spinal surgeon with a specialist interest in paediatric deformity. He was appointed as a substantive consultant at Sheffield Children’s Hospital in 2019 and spent just over four years there. As Lead Consultant for the Neuromuscular clinic, he worked closely with the neurology team developing the treatment pathway for patients with SMA and scoliosis. He has an interest in early brace treatment in the hope that this can delay the need for surgery until patients are older, and therefore decrease the number of operations they may need in their lifetime.

Mr Bayley continues to look after children with neuromuscular conditions in his new role in Nottingham (appointed Autumn 2023), and is working closely with his colleagues in Sheffield to optimise the pathway for the treatment of spinal conditions in children with SMA.

Mr Bayley’s other roles include Medical Student Teacher and Clinical Supervisor, Education Representative at British Scoliosis Society, and has been on the National Spinal Interface Group Fellowship Committee for nearly 3 years.