Emma Tenison

Geriatrics registrar
University of Bristol

Dr Emma Tenison is a geriatrics registrar who is in the final phase of a PhD at the University of Bristol, supervised by Dr Emily Henderson and Professor Yoav Ben-Shlomo. Her PhD, within the PRIME-Parkinson programme of research, focused on capturing complexity, comorbidity and frailty in people with parkinsonism and understanding their impact. She set up and ran a cross-sectional study of people with parkinsonism and informal caregivers. This study sought to proactively target recruitment of under-represented groups, such as care home residents and those additionally living with frailty, multimorbidity or cognitive impairment, and successfully recruited a combined total of over 900 patients and caregivers. She also conducted an epidemiological study, using linked primary care data focusing on the risk factors for hospital admission, and contributed to the design of the PRIME randomised controlled trial which is comparing the multicomponent PRIME-UK model of Parkinson's care to usual care.