Dr Matthew Craner

Consultant neurologist
Defence Medical Services

Matt Craner is a consultant neurologist working within the Defence Medical Services and holds the rank of Surgeon Commander with the Royal Navy. His interest in MS research and the mechanisms that contribute to neurodegeneration in MS was fostered during his PhD studies at Yale University under the supervision of Professor Stephen Waxman. On returning to the UK, Matt Craner completed his higher specialist training in Neurology and taking up a consultant post at Frimley Park Hospital as well as serving military commitments as the Defence Consultant Advisor in Neurology. He has continued basic science research into mechanisms of neurodegeneration and the identification of neuroprotective therapies in MS, working in close collaboration with Professor Lars Fugger. As part of the success of these studies, Matt Craner has recently taken over as clinical lead of the MS Clinical Trials Unit with the aim of developing translational neuroprotective therapies.