Martin Fischer

Independent organisational/management development consultant and associate
Centre for Innovation in Health Management, Leeds University and London South Bank University

For the past eight years Martin has been an independent organisational/management development consultant and an associate of the Centre for Innovation in Health management at Leeds University and London South Bank university. His work includes leadership development and organisational development. He works with organisations, health economies and nationally. National work includes facilitating the Medicine and Management Inquiry, taking Presidents of the Royal Colleges to Boston on a study tour to understand quality in systems and work on the dynamic between doctors and patients. In London he ran the Next Generation CEOs Programme for NHS London and co-directed the first Darzi programme (and the current one). His current work includes the Leeds Institute for Quality Healthcare (including the Local Authority and voluntary sector), work with LTHT A&E, CCGs and General Practice. He is supporting the development of the new provider alliance (Health, LA and Vol sector) for services for over 65s in Croydon. He recently produced the OD strategy for integration of services across East London (including the 3 Local authorities). He is supporting clinical leadership at Imperial AHSC as well as work on coproduction in paediatrics both there and in Islington. At GSTT he contributes to programmes developing clinical leaders and in Camden he has helped the GPs think through how to develop innovation across all the Practices. He facilitated and designed the innovative Connected Care for Children project in West London that is transforming the relationships between citizens, GPs and Paediatricians with a significant improvement in outcomes. This builds on national work over the last 2 years on General Practices and their lists co-evolving a new model of services. For the past few years he has run programmes for mixed groups of clinicians and managers at Kings and is working with the top 150 leaders St George’s to introduce key system’s thinking concepts into the organisation. Recently he worked with CEOs and their extended teams in Scotland to provide support for Collective Leadership to enable Regional and National Working. He is working with small teams (e.g. Health Promotion, GP and Social worker) in 9 sites in Ontario to help them evolve their models of primary and community care with citizens as the catalyst for change.

Martin has particular experience of approaches to integrated care. When working with front line staff he supports the development of new models of care using a rigorous systems approach to the characteristics a service needs to provide. When working with leaders he helps them identify the necessary conditions for this to deliver and OD strategies that will bring them about (e.g in East London). In Surrey he is working with small groups to support them to prototype new models of integrated care. In Dorset he is running leadership development and coaching for ‘circles’ (small teams based in a Practice) to evolve both their business model and their model of care.

Before that he worked for Sg2 – an American health intelligence organisation – where he led on the development of Sg2’s offerings for the UK and Ireland. His focus was to use shape its core competencies and expertise to add value to the public and private health care system in the UK. He was responsible for developing new models of leadership and organizational change.

Martin spent 16 years at the Kings Fund. There he worked with health systems around the world, though is experience is primarily with the NHS and Local Authorities. Working with all elements of the NHS system, his particular expertise is leadership development (for both clinicians and managers) and organisational development. He has enormous expertise and experience in developing senior leaders having designed and facilitated programmes for well over 100 NHS chief executives (including the Experienced CEO programme for the Modernisation Agency/Institute, CEO study tours abroad) and hundreds of NHS directors. His Organisational development work focuses on real issues in real time. He has worked with many organisations to develop strong leadership throughout the organisation. Equally he works on service redesign with diverse teams from many organisations that have to achieve a common purpose (e.g. services for older people in a particular city). He has worked successfully with just about every type of stakeholder in the NHS and Local Authorities – from the Select Committee through to Boards and exec teams to development programmes for Practice managers. This included an innovative locality based political leadership programme with elected members and non-execs. He has worked with General Practices for over 25 years.

He speaks widely at conferences and publishes intermittently. He is co-author with Becky Malby of Tools for Change: An invitation to dance , a handbook providing background knowledge, tools and techniques for sustaining organizational change in complex systems. He spent a year on secondment to the Performance and Innovation unit in the Cabinet Office working on Public Sector leadership.

Outside the NHS, he has worked in a range of other contexts ranging from the Probation Service to the Muslim Council of Britain. He has worked with the Boards of Arts organisations (on governance and diversity) and for the World Bank in clarifying their role in sub-Saharan Africa. He has significant experience of working with Local Authorities (both officers and elected members). Common Purpose invited him to design and facilitate their process to grow a civil society network. He enjoys bringing multiple stakeholders together around complex issues, ensuring all the viewpoints are heard so they are enabled to work out what an effective intervention would be and how to bring it about.

Prior to his Senior Fellowship at the King’s Fund, Martin was involved in the startup of the Open College (where he was the Commissioning Editor for management programmes) and also worked at the World ORT UNION, where he headed their Resource Centre.

Martin grew up in South Africa and received his BSc in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Manchester and his MSc in Economics for the London School of Economics.