First MCI course module goes live


The first module of our virtual Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) course is now available.

The course, originally developed for Greater Manchester and opened up to virtual delegates across the country, has been created to enhance attendees' understanding of MCI and its implications for local services and the people who require them. The course will equip delegates to complete a mandatory quality improvement project at a local, integrated level.

Module 1 is an introduction to MCI. It explores the difference between MCI and dementia, and examines the opportunities that MCI can provide to support and enhance brain health, and to effect change in individual's lives, and in local services.

Featuring interviews with the NHS's National Lead for Dementia, Prof Alistair Burns, and old age psychiatrist Prof. Sube Banerjee, these interesting conversations are full of ideas to improve services, outcomes, and lives.

A new module will be released each week for delegates to complete in their own time, each featuring unique interviews and accompanied by pre-reading and further resources.

The eight and final module will be the only one held in real-time, and is currently scheduled for 26 March (Faculty attendance dependant). By this eighth session, delegates will have been given a broad range of information, and plenty of ideas for how to put their learning into practice. Module 8 will be delegate's opportunity to present their planned quality improvement project to the wider course.

Find module 1 in your online learning space, or register for the course.

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