MS Society launches urgent call for #NeurologyNow

08 Oct 2021

MS Society has launched an urgent campaign after a report of the same name analysed three years of data from people with MS, and found that there is 'a historic under-prioritisation of neurology services'.

#NeurologyNow is calling for immediate governmental action. Development of a clear national plan which creates a sustainable neurology workforce and invests in training is essential and MS Society wants to see this reflected in the upcoming spending review.

Whilst 1 in 6 people in the UK live with a neurological condition, neurology services have been consistently underfunded and stretched, the report notes - a situation which the pandemic has compounded. This is not the first report to highlight such a problem, with the Neurological Alliance and Neurology Academy sharing similar evidenced concerns in their recent reports (Restarting services, 2020; Reset and Reform 2021).

'Neurology Now' reports that 63% of MS professionals find it very challenging to provide a good service to everyone whilst almost half (45%) of neurology professionals said they have had to compromise the quality of care they would usually deliver, since the pandemic.

Meanwhile, nearly a third (29%) of people living with MS had appointments cancelled or delayed during the pandemic, with a quarter of people with MS reporting needing to see an MS nurse or neurologist in the last 12 months but being unable to do so. Finally, over half (53%) of people who reported a worsening of their MS symptoms during the pandemic attributed this to not getting the specialist support they need.

To join #NeurologyNow and ensure the government spending review's plans for 'strong innovative public services' include the NHS's neurology workforce, send your pre-drafted letter to the Secretary of State for health here.

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