NHSE elective care handbooks now available

26 Aug 2019

This summer, NHS England has published a series of handbooks setting out best practice and ‘how-to’ solutions for each of the 14 high-volume elective care specialties that RightCare have identified as their focus.

The NHS RightCare programme, which works locally with systems to present a diagnosis of data and evidence across that population, believes that transforming these specialties will ensure patients see the right person, in the right place, first and every time.

The 14 identified areas include neurology (fig 1), as well as ophthalmology, respiratory, urology, and general practice (fig 2) which all have, amongst others, potential relevance for those living with a neurological condition. Each of them now has its own handbook as part of the Elective Care Transformation Programme.

Fig 1: Internal page from Neurology handbook

The handbooks are based on the gathered research from a course of five 100-day long waves, carried out in partnership with local systems who ran rapid testing of innovative approaches. They set out practical and effective tips including how to:

  • get the right people involved from the beginning,
  • negotiate internal processes at pace, and
  • choose the right metrics for different projects.
Fig 2: Internal page from the General Practice handbook

The Neurology Academy is a strong believer in the power of healthcare professionals to transform services, especially when they work together in collaborative, peer-supportive communities. RightCare clearly believe the same, and urge all those who want to transform elective care to join their Elective Care Community of Practice.

The community provides case studies, evidence-based guidelines, tools and the opportunity to collaborate with others on elective care transformation.

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