NICE updates guidance for MS

20 Jul 2022

NICE has updated its guidance for MS and there are a number of new areas of focus plus some significant updates to take note of.

Our Head of Nursing Ruth Stross has summarised the main areas to take note of here:

  • There is a new and welcome focus on supporting carers - referring to care givers, young carers and families in general, with an onus on support from the point of diagnosis, and this message is reiterated throughout the guidance.

  • There is a lot more on disease modifying lifestyle, and lifestyle-related interventions to both manage symptoms and to support general health.

  • The importance of regular and structured medication reviews features strongly. Managing people effectively whilst on treatment is highlighted, and there is a caution to ensure follow-up and monitoring is in place at the point of treatment initiation.

  • Also of note is the need to refer to specialists for symptoms like spasticity, pain and cognitive problems. Referral to a spasticity service, or pain specialist service where firstline treatment has been tried and failed is clearly highlighted, whilst referral to an occupational therapist or neuropsychology if 'persistent symptoms' of cognitive impairment are experienced is also noted.

Over the coming weeks, we will be producing a few short videos summarising significant changes to the guidance, with a focus on practical applications of that guidance, or ideas to improve services in alignment with it.

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